Wednesday, 18 February 2009

"Zoals de waard is..."

Dutch saying: "Zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten"
Literal translation: "The inkeeper trusts his guests after his own character".
Meaning: If you cannot be trusted yourself, you will be less likely to trust others.
English equivalent: "Ill doers are ill deemers".

"Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens"

Dutch saying: "Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens"
Literal translation: "The clock doesn't tick the same anywhere like it does at home".
Meaning: No matter where you go, home will always be best.
English equivalent: "There's no place like home".

"Men oogst wat men zaait"

Dutch saying: "Men oogst wat men zaait"
Literal translation: "You harvest what you sow".
Meaning: Everything that happens is a result of your own actions.
English equivalent: "You reap what you sow".

"Kant noch wal raken"

Dutch saying: "Dat raakt kant noch wal".
Literal translation: "That hits side nor shore".
Meaning: The argument made is absurd.
English equivalent: "Your argument does not hold water".